(Fadi Amroush (BS, MS, MA, PhD10919024_1533130413621765_331739262085287408_n
PhD & Master in Economics
Master & Bachelors in Informatics Engineering

I came from a computer science background, and then moved into the experimental economics field. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s degree in Informatics Engineering from the University of Aleppo, Syria.

Even though my master’s was in informatics engineering, I was enthusiastic about economics and experimental economics, especially in terms of applying it in decision-support systems. Thus, I applied for and was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship at the University of Granada, Spain. The scholarship enabled me to move into the economics area to concentrate on experimental economics, and I completed a Master’s Degree and a PhD in Economics at the University of Granada, Spain. My PhD thesis was an interdisciplinary study combining experimental economics and decision-making theories with methodology from the area of artificial intelligence. Afterward, I have got an EPIC grant to pursue a postdoc for six months at University of Salamanca, Spain. 

I am now a part time researcher and a freelance trainer in various training centers (Europe). 

I give IT and economics courses in different training centers such as Euro4train, Gulf training, British training center, MBC training center. I trained more than 75 students in more than 15 courses in many countries such as Spain, France, Suisse, Austria, and Germany, and Turkey. I give courses in Economics, Management, Decision Support Systems, and Personal Development.

You can download my cv here.

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